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Chiyou yo Hana yo

#6629 Chiyou yo Hana yo

This is a story about Chouko, our heroine who goes on an interview and was harrassed by this question, "Are you a virgin?" Next, just who is Masayuki anyway and what does he have to do with a person called Chaa-chan, a childhood friend from Chouko's...
Sheet no Sukima

#6129 Sheet no Sukima

Collection of short...
Aisuru Hito

#2809 Aisuru Hito

The heroine is named Kinoshita Sakiko. She is 20 years old, and a college student. She is totally in love with her 28 year old university professor, Chifyu-sensei. He is tall, moody, and handsome, with short dark hair and sexy eyes. Unfortunately for Sakiko, he always refuses her very aggressive displays of affection. Yet she never gives up. Even when faced with a housing crisis, Sakiko goes to drastic lengths to earn money so she can stay in the area and continue her pursuit of her teacher....

#2340 Koichirakashite

-The little brother who suddenly appeared in the room of someone living...
Ningyo Ouji

#2101 Ningyo Ouji

Youko is a succubus from hell and her rocket lands on the earth to feed off man's efforts. But one day, she met an ultra-refined priest...
Darling Wa Namamono Ni Tsuki

#1433 Darling Wa Namamono Ni Tsuki

Author/Artist(s): Yoshihara Yuki
Setsuko, a daughter of a transsexual man who runs a cross dressing host bar, meets, falls in love with and then marries the handsome Dr. Tanabe. Tanabe is normal, quiet, and highly skilled at everything, while Setsuko is wildly different. Most of the series is comprised of the couple struggling first to have, and then maintain their sex life and love...
Venus ni Arazu

#1369 Venus ni Arazu

Alternative: I'm no Venus,
Author/Artist(s): Yoshihara Yuki
Misyoshi Yoshiko is working her way as a model by doing various modeling gigs for her agency. After one of those gigs causes her to lose her job as a model, she now faces a desperate situation of being broke and unemployed. Things start to look up when she gets offered another modeling job, but this time it’s modeling for Chuujou Tarou, the lecherous sculptor who got her fired in the first place! How will Yoshiko handle working for a perverted employer who can’t keep his hands off...
Anata Janai to

#1358 Anata Janai to

Hisami, female high school student with a history of not having a boyfriend. She develops a crush on Haru-kun at a school event, but due to a misunderstanding ends up dating his friend, Narushi. What’s more, Haru-kun begins dating Hisami’s friend, Izumi… One day, Izumi suggests that they all switch lovers for day. Even if it’s only for one day, Hisami gets to date Haru-kun! A very excited Hisami gets brought to a love hotel by...
Chocolate Girl

#1224 Chocolate Girl

Kyouko is an entertainment manager and a negative character. She always thinks of the worst. She is appointed to scout a troupe of actors, and there she meets...