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Sweet Lovin' Baby

#506 Sweet Lovin' Baby

In "Miyuki," the protagonist watches another girl from...
Indigo Blue

#482 Indigo Blue

Author/Artist(s): Yamaji Ebine
Genres: Josei, Yuri
Rutsu, a novelist, finds herself caught between her boyfriend and another...
Free Soul

#203 Free Soul

Alternative: フリー・ソウル,
Author/Artist(s): Yamaji Ebine
After a heated argument with her mother, Keito runs away from home without knowing where to go. When she helps an old woman to carry her bags home, the woman offers to put her up in one of her rooms. Keito accepts and starts to pick up the pieces of her life. When she's not drawing her own comic, which features a black jazz singer named Angie, the young woman works at a record shop. That's where she meets and falls in love with Niki, an attractive trumpeter in a funk band. They sleep with each...