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Hanayomesama wa 16-sai

#5083 Hanayomesama wa 16-sai

Tamaki is an only child brought up by her mother alone. But then, her mother passed away due to an illness, and now she has no relatives. When she visited the Ootori family – a family that’s totally strange to her – according to her mother’s will, the one waiting for her was Shinga, a super rich and hot guy, but also extremely arrogant and horrible. Suddenly, he declares that starting today, she’s his wife, and he stole her first...
Bijin Dorobou

#2646 Bijin Dorobou

However, her secret is in danger of being exposed when the son of her father's company manager, Odagiri Rin, comes to her house. Due to complications, they have to live...
Koi Suta

#1545 Koi Suta

Author/Artist(s): YUUHI Ryuu
Shizuku has a unrequited love for Ichinomiya-sensei. But since Ichinomiya-sensei is her sister’s boyfriend, it’s a love that definitely won’t come true... She's trying hard to quickly find a new love, and she's been rushing to search for her soul mate within 10 years! When she went out searching for that fated person, she had a horrible meeting with Hatori from the tennis...