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Blue Drop - Tenshi no Bokura

#2981 Blue Drop - Tenshi no Bokura

One day, out of the blue, a girl that Shouta Yanami has never seen before in his life arrived at his house asking to have sex with him. How will this end for Shouta...

#2197 Eat-Man

Chikyuu no Houkago

#1311 Chikyuu no Houkago

Most of humanity has been wiped out by mysterious dark monsters known only as "Phantoms." Four survivors, who may well be the last of the human race, have found one another and are sharing a quiet, peaceful existence. These survivors are a kind, dependable teenage boy called Masashi, two teenage girls, shyer Sanae and bolder Yaeko, and a little girl called Anna. They feel as though they're just living in a perpetual "after school" state, waiting for the rest of the human race to come home. As...
Blue Drop - Tenshi no Itazura

#1252 Blue Drop - Tenshi no Itazura

Kasagi-chan is an member of an alien race of females called the Arume. She spends her time playing matchmaker for unsuspecting cute Earthling...

#1037 Companion

Alternative: ツレビト, Companion,
Author/Artist(s): YOSHITOMI Akihito
Tsurebito is about the people who escort you from purgatory into the world of the dead. After you die you must go through your personal gate into the world of the dead, and escorts are the ones who lead you...
Blue Drop

#979 Blue Drop

5. Tenshi no Sentaku [Angel's...
Balance Policy

#743 Balance Policy

It's by Yoshitomi Akihito, the creator of the weird collection of short series, Blue Drop set around the invasion and conquest of Earth by the Arume, a strange all-female alien race. Blue Drop - Tenshi no Bokura was a gender-bender storyline which is similar to the setup of this series with another boy's best friend changed somehow into a girl, this time by alien...
School Ningyo

#620 School Ningyo

Two girls go hunting for mermaids to win their true love. Featuring very untraditional...
Blue Drop - Maiorita Tenshi

#230 Blue Drop - Maiorita Tenshi

Alternative: まいおりた 天使,
Author/Artist(s): YOSHITOMI Akihito
Manga chapter included with DVD#1 of the anime BLUE Drop~Tenshitachi no...