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#1540 Omoino-Kakera

Mika, a high school student, has no doubts that she is a lesbian, few people around her know that though. She works at a cafe admiring the owner (she only has a thing for older women after all) and visits bars in the gay district. This story presents her life in pieces: from acquiring a surprising friend to helping a married woman discover herself and experiencing disheartening early love. All the while Mika is the confident young adult woman with an impressively mature...
Chouchou Nannan

#1065 Chouchou Nannan

Four high school friends are in a complicated love triangle and need to sort things out if they want to keep their friendship...
I Await Your Reply

#649 I Await Your Reply

Alternative: Sorry I'm Obsessed,
Author/Artist(s): Takemiya Jin
A girl confides in a friend she met...
Sweet Temptation

#492 Sweet Temptation

Alternative: Sweet Desire,
Author/Artist(s): Takemiya Jin
Risa finds herself intrigued by a girl whose family runs a...