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Yume no Shizuku, Ougon no Torikago

#5929 Yume no Shizuku, Ougon no Torikago

Hence begins the story of a slave to an empress of the greatest empire of all time – Alexandra , the woman who would one day be known as Roxelana, first wife of Suleiman the...
Toubou Kyuukou

#1979 Toubou Kyuukou

Author/Artist(s): Shinohara Chie
「買って飲んであそんでデンマーク」 - Katte Nonde Asonde...
Ao no Fuuin

#1859 Ao no Fuuin

He tells her he is Akira the Byakko, from the family of the West. Because she is the reincarnation of Souryo, the queen of the Oni from the family of the East, a monster that eats humans to stay alive, he must destroy her and erase her genes from Earth. He is the only one who can kill her and the one that must do so. Soko is desperate. Is she really a monster? Why does she have human memories? Why does she have to die? Will she be able to change her destiny and stay...
Red River

#1767 Red River

Yuri lived the peaceful, average teenage life until Queen Nakia drew Yuri across time and space into the ancient Hittite Empire to use her as a sacrifice! Yuri meets many different friends throughout her journey to find a way home, but when the season of the North Star...
Mizu ni Sumu Hana

#1723 Mizu ni Sumu Hana

It happened in the blink of an eye. Rikka's world turned upside down when her school field trip bus flipped and plummeted into a lake. Everyone inside that bus drowned... except for Rikka, but she wasn't saved by anything as simple as luck. When she was released from the hospital, Rikka was then attacked repeatedly in a series of bizarre incidents all involving water... and a sadistic aquatic beauty whose name is -- Rikka!? What does our heroine have that the sadistic Rikka wants back? What was...
Ryouko no Shinrei Jikenbo

#1272 Ryouko no Shinrei Jikenbo

Ryouko Midorikawa is a girl in her first year of high school. One day the cat she had raised and loved for 15 years suddenly dies. Although Pow hated water, he died drowning. Ryouko is lost in questions about the cause of his death. But from that night on, terrible things start happening everywhere around...
Yami no Purple Eye

#1186 Yami no Purple Eye

In 1987, Purple Eyes in the Dark was awarded the Shogakukan Manga Award for the shoujo manga...