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Seishun Walker

#2541 Seishun Walker

Includes extra stories Appare! and...
Odeko no Mahou

#584 Odeko no Mahou

One day during soccer practice, Eiko gets hit on the forehead by a ball kicked by Shigeru. The next day, a strange word appears at the very spot, and it changes to reflect her emotions. What happened to her forehead, and what is it supposed to...
Mielino Kashiwagi

#327 Mielino Kashiwagi

Kashiwagi has a special ability. When she touches someone, she can see their future romance. But, Kashiwagi doesn't know about romance herself and can't determine whether the scenes she sees is a happy or sad ending. Kashiwagi works at a cafe, which Sano manages and Konno works as clerk. The cafe is known as the "break-up...