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Honeymoon Salad

#2097 Honeymoon Salad

His ex-workers keep calling for help; his memory of his first love is traumatic to say the least, he hates his father so much that he’ll never go back home, a stranger blames him for pushing her down the stairs… no wonder being pissed is a daily routine for Natsukawa Minori. Then enters not one, but two women in his life that will make him too busy to be...
Baby Leaf

#621 Baby Leaf

The prequel to Honeymoon Salad. This manga tells the story of Minori and Youko's high school relationship. The final chapter is a story about Ichika in her high school...
Crying Sports

#328 Crying Sports

Author/Artist(s): Ninomiya Hikaru
Double Marriage

#231 Double Marriage

Alternative: ダブルマリッジ,
Author/Artist(s): Ninomiya Hikaru
Genres: Romance, Seinen
In future Japan, bigamy is legalized! Specifically, each person may legally marry two spouses, a simple legal change that brings up a lot of questions about serious romantic relationships. What would long-term relationships be like if they didn't remove you from the dating pool? Would people be more willing to commit if they knew they could also pick someone else later? Would society really jump to accept this as a new social norm, even if it had become...