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Ren-Ai Shijou Shugi

#22230 Ren-Ai Shijou Shugi

Karate girl Seri tries to kick away her past in order to catch a new guy at a singles party, but Tamaki, a childhood flame from her old karate dojo, shows up to show off and makes her heart pound. Their reintroduction leads to a karate challenge, and if Seri loses, she must become Tamaki's "toy"...!? It's a game of love with more rivals and obstacles (and sex!--LOTS of SEX!) than either Seri or Tamaki could have...
Rhapsody in Heaven

#12137 Rhapsody in Heaven

Tsukasa Miyu's life revolved around only one thing--swimming. She gets admitted to Tenkai Academy on a swimming scholarship. However, before the start of high school, she encounters Suzuki Aoi and gets drawn into a world that doesn't involve just swimming...
Miseinen dakedo Kodomo ja Nai

#6069 Miseinen dakedo Kodomo ja Nai

Oriyama Karin, 16 years old. She in high school and... she's about to get...
Yowamushi Meikyuu

#1080 Yowamushi Meikyuu

Alternative: 若虫迷宫,
Author/Artist(s): Minami Kanan