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Sensei wa Ore no Mono

#2816 Sensei wa Ore no Mono

Author/Artist(s): Mie, Chika
Tachibana-kun is desperately in love with Na-chan, the adorable school nurse at his high school. But can he get her to accept his...
Junjou Karen

#1932 Junjou Karen

Tamiya, a student whose honesty tends to be so blunt that it gets him in trouble, has fallen in love with Shirasaka, a teacher from his school. He's an excellent teacher, very caring and popular among students, but because of his dark past, there seems no hope for Tamiya to win over his heart. In the past, Shirasaka had a relationship with Iogi, his senior on the track team, and they were both in an accident which was Shirasaka's fault. Iogi became seriously injured and was forced to give up...
TV-kun no Kimochi

#1498 TV-kun no Kimochi

University student, Keisuke, was suddenly asked by his childhood friend and an actor, Souta, "Can I kiss you?" Thinking that it's a practice for the kissing scene in his next drama, Keisuke kissed Souta without...
Spec - Rei

#941 Spec - Rei

Alternative: Spec ~Rei~, Spec ~Zero~, Spec零,
Author/Artist(s): Nishiogi Yumie, Ryou Haruto
Most people in this world utilize only 10% of their brains. There are some, however, who can tap into the remaining unused 90%, and draw out powers that appear supernatural to most others. These powers are called...
Kanojo ga Cafe ni Kayou Wake

#937 Kanojo ga Cafe ni Kayou Wake

Follow the patrons and employees as they discover that Hot Cafe serves coffee and tea with a dash of...
Himitsu no Shitsuji-kun

#882 Himitsu no Shitsuji-kun

• Bijo wo Hirotte Sodatemasen ka? (Would You Like To Adopt And Raise A...

#690 Anti-Chocolate

Alternative: Anchoko!, No to Chocolate!,
Author/Artist(s): Washio Mie