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Strange Traditional Academy

#1568 Strange Traditional Academy

Bai Zhi-Wei is a girl born in a rich family. She was enjoying her life until one spring break, her father forced her to go study "Buddism" somewhere. When she refused this idea, she got “kidnapped” by her father’s man and was taken to a beautiful academy with only guys. Weirder still, why were all the guys wearing traditional clothes and who are the two guys that were fighting in the middle of the...
Qing You Du Zhong

#853 Qing You Du Zhong

Alternative: 情有獨鍾, Only Love You,
Author/Artist(s): Luo Jun Lin
The story begins with a rich young lady named Mo Kai who is over the age of marrying but with with no proposed marriage. One day, she met a gentle scholar named Yi Nuo-Sheng and thought that she could woo him over without any troubles. But she later finds out that he already has someone in mind. All of the sudden comes a guy named Bei Tang-Yi who stops her plans. What will become of their...