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Futari Ecchi

#77545 Futari Ecchi

An excellent and very educational series. About a newlywed couple who are virgins and their comedic ups and downs in learning how to have sex. Not really a hentai, though there are scenes which can be called hentai. Tastfully rendered taboo themes. A funny "how to" guide for sex illiterate and...
Love Lucky

#6231 Love Lucky

Fuuta is an average-looking salaryman who's never had luck with women. However, all that changes when he meets a strange girl through a dating agency. She's nice, but has an odd habit of always wearing masks on their dates. One day, Fuuta sees his mask-wearing girlfriend being attacked by (what he thinks are) thieves. Fuuta saves her from them, and full of happiness and gratitude, the girl confesses and proposes to him. The night they get married, she finally takes off her mask and reveals her...
Psychic Academy

#1940 Psychic Academy

However, everyone else is convinced that he, like his celebrated brother, is destined for greatness. A lot of pressure for a boy just entering...
Futari Ecchi for Ladies

#1805 Futari Ecchi for Ladies

The newlywed story continues, but this time around, the perspective is from Yura, our FE heroine. This tale adds new twists and problems that women...
Tenkuu no Escaflowne

#746 Tenkuu no Escaflowne

When high-school girl Hoshino Hitomi dabbles with tarot cards she suddenly finds herself on a strange world called Gaea. With her new found friend, Van Fanel, the young prince of the devastated kingdom of Fanelia, Hitomi becomes involved in the battle against the Zaibach forces, an evil empire bent on conquering the planet. So begins the epic saga that spawned one the most acclaimed anime series of the past decade...