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Neo Devilman

#1404 Neo Devilman

Number three is written and illustrated by Noburu Miyama, Miki Toro, Shinobu Kaze, Sho-u Tajima, Masaomi Kanzaki, Yoshikazu Yasuhiko and Iou...
Japan Tengu Party Illustrated

#1344 Japan Tengu Party Illustrated

Sexy Voice and Robo

#1042 Sexy Voice and Robo

She calls herself Sexy Voice. To most of the world, she's just Hayashi Niko, an ordinary schoolgirl - but when time permits, she lives a double life as a hired investigator/spy. To help her, she has recruited the rather unlikely assistant she calls Robo, a geeky lump of a man who doesn't really know why he feels the need to do everything she tells him to. He just does it. Together, the odd team solve a number of cases for Sexy Voice's employer, an aging...

#401 Nasu

Short stories all related through a common medium:...

#146 Daikinboshi

Alternative: 大金星,
Author/Artist(s): KURODA Iou
Genres: Sci-fi, Seinen
Collection of short...