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Shiroi Natsu

#1436 Shiroi Natsu

Follow the friendship of Tetsu and Gorou from the Koushien to...

#824 Heat

Alternative: ŻAR, HEAT-灼熱-,
Author/Artist(s): Buronson, IKEGAMI Ryoichi
Tatsumi Karasawa becomes the owner of host club "Shinijuku Sokai" in only two days. He leads a group of amateurs who aren't afraid of gangsters, police, or so-called "professional" organizations. Without fear, he walks the difficult path leading straight to the...
Fist of the North Star

#764 Fist of the North Star


#741 Sanctuary

V9: Part 5, Issues 8-13, Chapters...

#691 Japan

Yuka Katsuragi, a beautiful TV news reporter, has attracted the affections of a Yakuza thug, Katsuji Yashima, who travels with his brother all the way to Spain to find her, only to have his affections rebuffed by Yuka. A terrible earthquake hits, and Katsuji, his brother, and Yuka, along with four high-schoolers in Spain on a field trip, all fall deep underground. While trapped below the surface, they encounter a mysterious old woman who reveals to them prophecies that the wealthy nation of...