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Tales of the Abyss - Senketsu no Asch

#938 Tales of the Abyss - Senketsu no Asch

A side story for Tales of the Abyss that retells the story of Tales of the Abyss from the view point of the God-General, Asch the...
Toki to Towa

#892 Toki to Towa

Toki is a Princess and she is to be wed to a Knight, to which there is mutual affection between but she still has concerns. Toki also has a second persona within her named Towa. Towa has blonde hair, and is much different from the reserved Toki as she is much more...
God Eater - The Summer Wars

#886 God Eater - The Summer Wars

After going through the various events at the Fenrir Far East Branch, Alisa develops a feeling similar to respect for 1st Unit leader, Yuu. Meanwhile, Alisa and Yuu are dispatched to Aegis Island on a protection...
Tales of Phantasia

#840 Tales of Phantasia

A remaining hero sends the children to another time so that, maybe, the world will have another chance. What will become of the children? How could they possibly defeat someone that their parents could only seal away? Who is the great evil and what is his purpose? Only time will tell as they venture on into several strange, yet familiar...