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Yachin Hanbun no Ibasho desu

#2160 Yachin Hanbun no Ibasho desu

Is it so easy to have an affair? Megumu wonders in pain, when he finds Keiichi has cheated on him for the fifth time in three years. Being poor, with no money and only a part time job, it's already hard enough for him to keep living, and taking care of Keiichi's needs. But he runs away from it all... just to learn - the hard way - of how an affair can blossom, and what consequences it might bring! Will the experience keep their relationship alive, or will it separate them in the end? A romantic...
Sono Mama de

#1927 Sono Mama de

Tsuji is trying to come to terms with his new, more intimate relationship with Aizawa. Tsuji and Aizawa have been friends since high school, and Tsuji is wondering if being lovers will jeopardize their friendship. And if it's even worth taking a chance. A great bedroom line - "Bring it on." and a hilarious extra where Tsuji worries about Aizawa's...
Horo Horo to

#685 Horo Horo to

Alternative: ほろほろと,
Author/Artist(s): Asou Kai
Genres: Supernatural, Yaoi
Now he has to find a way to control it, before it devours him...
Kakko Warukute Kakkoii Kimi

#437 Kakko Warukute Kakkoii Kimi

Author/Artist(s): Asou Kai
Ever since they were little, Yukihisa and Takashi have always been together. However, Takashi recently started acting strange towards Yukihisa by refusing to come near Yukihisa, baffling him. Takashi offers no explaination for his actions, causing Yukihisa to be filled with doubts about their friendship. What can Takashi be hiding from Yukihisa that's causing him to keep 1 meter away from...