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Hyakujuu no Ou ni Tsugu!

#1739 Hyakujuu no Ou ni Tsugu!

This is the liberated area where you listen to girls will, a girls high school! in this class, there's a king. Me, Rika! My friends are counting on me and boys are afraid of me! But that kind of paradise will suddenly break up but and thirty old man!! dates will take place in golf areas and kisses will have the taste of...
Honey Buddy

#1021 Honey Buddy

Being loved by new era yankee and old-style yankee, a love triangle. it's troublesome for being popular (only among yankees though). A funny!! love...
Hime to Knight to, Tonari to Watashi.

#813 Hime to Knight to, Tonari to Watashi.

The one I'm falling in love with isn't my knight but I can't seem to forget about him... Just what should I do with these feelings of...
Butterfly Neighbor

#270 Butterfly Neighbor

Author/Artist(s): Akegami Takara
Chouhana, 20 years old college student, is a freely flying butterfly and has never been captured. She always fools around with men and everything seems to be under her control. However, her life changes when she met her neighbor, a 33-year-old...
Otokonoko ni Toriko

#1 Otokonoko ni Toriko

Yuri is the beauty of her class. Her mature manner of dealing with men seems to get the attention from every male around her including Taniya-kun, whom she loves to tease and monopolize. But will she ever see beyond his image of the young, inexperienced...