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Cafe Occult

#1093 Cafe Occult

However, thanks to Young and the mysterious owner of a café called the Café Occult, Suh Rin is rescued from a new existence as someone’s servant. On the contrary, she joins Young on action packed thrills in which she assists Young fulfill requests as an ‘errand boy’ taking care of special requests by clients in a lawless world controlled only by...
Shade - The Other Side of Light

#798 Shade - The Other Side of Light

Author/Artist(s): Ahn No Uhn, Catty
Genres: Manhwa, Shounen
Hyung Gee is an ordinary high student, but is unaware of the power he holds called “Shade”. His encounter with Soy completely changes his life around, as the hidden powers within him awakens, causing Soy and her Shade to lose their lives. Unaware of the mystery behind “Shade” and the role of a “Shade Magician”, Hyung Gee decides to join ‘School’, which is an organization that does research on “Shade Magicians”. Although Hyung Gee...