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16 Life

#3307 16 Life

Saya is an ordinary lethargic female high school student. At karaoke while she was singing enthusiastically a song of her favorite artist, Takase Kazuki, the person himself was watching...
Boku kara Kimi ga Kienai

#3004 Boku kara Kimi ga Kienai

Hotaru managed to get in the same high school where Haruna-sensei teaches to see him again! However, on her first day there, she meets a very unpleasant guy who looks just like her beloved...
Kore ga Koi to Iu naraba

#2737 Kore ga Koi to Iu naraba

You can't compare me to the perfect sister! I don't know any sister but when I entered in a far away high school something...
Koyoi, Kimi to Kiss no Chigiri o

#1742 Koyoi, Kimi to Kiss no Chigiri o

Because she wanted to attend her grandmother's funeral, Miharu returned to her hometown. Over there, she met a strange boy. And then, she'll discover his true...
Iinchou no Himegoto

#1461 Iinchou no Himegoto

Ayano, the committee chairman got drunk at a ballgame after party. Next morning, when she came to, she finds herself in Kagura-kun’s bed! Plus she is in her undergarments?! Kagura-kun, who is in the same class as her, is the 10th head of the famous Kagura lineage. Having had one night stand with someone so omnipotent, Ayano can’t help but feel anxious. What should Ayano...
Sentimental Honey

#946 Sentimental Honey

Alternative: 多愁善感的甜心,
Author/Artist(s): AIKAWA Saki
A cute short story about a girl who's a tomboy, but whenever she's around him, she seems to turn...
Oresama Ouji

#770 Oresama Ouji

Sawa hates Judo. She was once really good at it, but boys always rejected her because she was so strong. Now she's entering high school and the gorgeous captain of the Judo club has selected Sawa (against her will) to be the club manager! He also claims he knows her from the past... How will Sawa deal with managing the sport she hates most, especially since the captain seems to like...