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Ryushika Ryushika

#1310 Ryushika Ryushika

A series of vignettes portraying the day-to-day life of a little girl with a very vivid...

#1062 NieA_7

Note: An omnibus version was released under the name NieA_7...
Shiro Ame

#596 Shiro Ame

A girl wakes up in an unknown world all alone. In this world she sees another girl who is her exact twin. Their names: 328 and 329. There is only running water; no food anywhere. In their search for food, they find a raft to take them beyond this unknown place, but it becomes evident that only one person will be able to board this raft. The annoying buzzing sounds and voices of a winged insect, the craving for food, and the desire to leave will push them to the brink. One of them will...
The Nightmare of Fabrication

#416 The Nightmare of Fabrication

The Nightmare of Fabrication is a beautifully drawn full-colour manga from Yoshitoshi ABe. The 18 page short story can be found in...
Pochiyama at the Pharmacy

#355 Pochiyama at the Pharmacy

Abe is on an inconsistent schedule with this series, probably one chapter every half a...