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Monsieur est servi

Monsieur est servi
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Alternative: Hanaukyo Maids, 花右京メイド隊, 花右京女侍队, 花右京女侍隊, Hanaukyo Maid Team, Hanaukyo Maid-tai, Hanaukyo Maids, Hanaukyo Maids Tai, Hanaukyo Meido Tai, Monsieur est servi
Genres: Ecchi Gender Bender Harem Romance Shounen
Status: Ongoing
Updates: 2011-11-05 00:00:00
Age: All+

After his mother died, a fifteen-year-old boy named Taro is invited by his grandfather to the Hanaukyo mansion. Soon after he arrives, his grandfather disappears, and Taro learns that not only will he inherit the unbelievably huge estate, he will also have access to the countless beautiful young maids working there.