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Happy Cook

Happy Cook
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Alternative: Shiawase Cook, しあわせCook, Happy Cook
Genres: Manga Yaoi
Updates: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
Age: 18+

1) Happy Cook Chef Nakasawa saves Tokiya from trouble and ends up teaching him how to cook. But is it only cooking that Nakasawa will be teaching? 2) Straight Mind Incoming freshman Kasuga has always won any fight he has been in, until he meets the elusive Tougou. Kasuga wants nothing more than to meet Tougou again and fight, but he is told to stay from Tougou. It seems that Tougou is the chief director's son, and a previous student was expelled for hurting Tougou. Can Kasuga stay away? Will Tougou allow anyone to get close to him again? 3) Happy Place Stray dog... stray uke... Does it really make a difference? 4) My One-Side Love Kazuki is a game programmer who collects adult toys. He's also been in love with his neighbor Masato for ten years. When Masato asks Kazuki to teach him how to use a computer, will the time they spend together be all work and no play?