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Alternative: Love Lucky, ラブ・らっきぃ, 偶像結婚白書, 偶像H生活, 愛情幸運星, Lucky Love (Katsu Aki)
Genres: Action Adult Comedy Ecchi Mature Romance Seinen
Updates: 2011-10-25 00:00:00
Age: 18+

Fuuta is an average-looking salaryman who's never had luck with women. However, all that changes when he meets a strange girl through a dating agency. She's nice, but has an odd habit of always wearing masks on their dates. One day, Fuuta sees his mask-wearing girlfriend being attacked by (what he thinks are) thieves. Fuuta saves her from them, and full of happiness and gratitude, the girl confesses and proposes to him. The night they get married, she finally takes off her mask and reveals her identity: She's the super-idol singer Kirari who Fuuta admires! Thus starts their life as a married couple.