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知らぬは おまえばかり Chap - Truyện Tranh 知らぬは おまえばかり Chap Hãy xem truyện 知らぬは おまえばかり Chap English, HD, fastest load tại website không popup quảng cáo.http://mangahippo.com/uploads/manga/6138.jpg
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知らぬは おまえばかり

知らぬは おまえばかり
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Alternative: Shiranu wa Omae Bakari, 知らぬは おまえばかり, Dakara Kao mo Mitakunai (oneshot), Shiranu wa Omaebakari, That's why I don't want to see your face either (oneshot)
Genres: School Life Yaoi
Status: Ongoing
Updates: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
Age: 18+

After getting dumped, Kataoka Takeru's best friend Yui confesses to him. But Takeru doesn't know how to cope with this situation. What will become of their friendship?