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木曜日のフルット Chap - Truyện Tranh 木曜日のフルット Chap Hãy xem truyện 木曜日のフルット Chap English, HD, fastest load tại website không popup quảng cáo.http://mangahippo.com/uploads/manga/4565.jpg
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Alternative: Mokuyoubi no Furutto, 木曜日のフルット, Furutto on Thursday, Thursday's Furutto
Genres: Comedy Shounen Slice of Life
Status: Ongoing
Updates: 2015-04-26 16:11:53
Age: All+

Furutto is a cat that leads a double life. On one hand, he's the companion of a young woman in an apartment building named Kujirai, who feeds him (when she hasn't gambled away her meager manga-assistant's paycheck) and spends time with him in her apartment. On the other hand, he wants to keep his street cred as a stray cat and spends a good amount of time hanging out with the other strays, trying to steal food out of trash cans and rumbling with the cats from the next town over.