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世界でいちばん大嫌い 秋吉家シリーズ5 Chap - Truyện Tranh 世界でいちばん大嫌い 秋吉家シリーズ5 Chap Hãy xem truyện 世界でいちばん大嫌い 秋吉家シリーズ5 Chap English, HD, fastest load tại website không popup quảng cáo.http://mangahippo.com/uploads/manga/5923.jpg
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世界でいちばん大嫌い 秋吉家シリーズ5

Kazuha Akiyoshi is the eldest of six children. Highly responsible and irresistibly cute, she is also something of a tomboy who never allows her softer side to show through –– until she meets Mizushima, the first guy to treat her like a girl. Kazuha has her first real crush; will it be reciprocated? Then there's Sugimoto, an older guy who wants to be an important part of her life — but he's the one who Kazuha hates more than anyone!