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Q (SHIHIRA Tatsuya)

#993 Q (SHIHIRA Tatsuya)

Alternative: 异种少女Q, Q[クー],
Author/Artist(s): Shihira Tatsuya
Genres: Seinen
Q likes donuts a...
Q And A

#463 Q And A

Atsushi Ando (15) moves back to his Home Town with his Family after 6 years. The Story focusses on the fortunes and misfortunes he encounters in this Town mostly due to Pranks pulled by the ghost of his older brother Hitsushi Ando aka. Q-Chan, whose Death prompted the Family to move away. The catch is, that only Atsushi can see his brothers...

#4051 QED

Touma Sou is an MIT-graduated-student who comes back to Japan because he wants to know how it feels to be a high school student. On the other hand, Mizuhara Kana is a strong girl who loves sports. Together, they are partners in solving cases that happen around...
Qi Dan Qu

#2227 Qi Dan Qu

Men Ji Yu of the Tian Tai Tribe has been invited by Ba Cha Ke Han to live with the tribe of Qi Dan. But because he can't understand the language of Qi Dan, the people of Qi Dan can't get along with Men Ji and vice versa. The only person that Men Ji revealed a slight smile to was the Qi Dan Princess, Ke Yi Gu Chai. In order for Ke Yi to help Men Ji fit into the Qi Dan lifestyle, she vows to teach him what she is best at, the Qi Dan...
Qing You Du Zhong

#853 Qing You Du Zhong

Alternative: 情有獨鍾, Only Love You,
Author/Artist(s): Luo Jun Lin
The story begins with a rich young lady named Mo Kai who is over the age of marrying but with with no proposed marriage. One day, she met a gentle scholar named Yi Nuo-Sheng and thought that she could woo him over without any troubles. But she later finds out that he already has someone in mind. All of the sudden comes a guy named Bei Tang-Yi who stops her plans. What will become of their...

#2329 Qko-chan

In the near-future on planet Earth, a world gone mad where never-ending war is a fact of life, Kirio is the coolest kid at school. Up in the sky, a giant robot is fighting a fleet of gunships, but the brilliant and distant Kirio is far from fazed - until the battling 'bot makes an unexpected landing in Kirio's front yard and rings the bell. But the worst threat for Kirio could be what stands on the other side of the door: an alien invader robot with the face of an adorable...

#718 QP

Alternative: QP: Soul of Violence,
Author/Artist(s): Takahashi Hiroshi
Genres: Action, Seinen
QP: Soul of Violence is written by Takahashi Hiroshi and set within the same universe as his other works, Crows and...
QQ Sweeper

#685 QQ Sweeper

After this man has 'cleaned'... it's perfectly clean!! In front of this man, Kyuutarou, appears a mysterious girl requesting to become his apprentice...?! Your entire heart will be...
Qualia the Purple

#1837 Qualia the Purple

Marii Yukari might seem like a normal girl at first glance, but she has a very special peculiarity -- she sees every other living being besides her as robots. She's treated as a mascot character in her class, but weird things surely seem to be happening around...