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#1461 O/A

Alternative: OA,
Author/Artist(s): WATARAI Keiji
Genres: Comedy, Seinen
Obaachan wa Idol

#1842 Obaachan wa Idol

Yamada Momoka is your average 16 year old girl. Her family consists of herself, her dad who works at a TV station, and her mom. Apparently she also has a strict prune of a grandma, but who doesn’t? Except that the grandma, Yamada Tamaki, had an accident at the TV station where she got electrocuted and now looks like a 16 year old yamato nadeshiko. It isn’t easy for Momoka when her grandma arbitrarily decides to attend Momoka’s high school as a student as well. Tamaki...
Obito no Hime to Kubinashi Kishi

#2485 Obito no Hime to Kubinashi Kishi

"The strongest knight Albert, and a shut-in Princess Charlotte... What is the destiny that awaits this...
Oblation Love

#432 Oblation Love

Author/Artist(s): Honda Natsumi
Suzuki Noriko is this year's Freshman Oblation. For the sake of peace for all freshman, she must be sacrificed! What's more this has been ordained by the most troublesome person in school,...
Obocchama no Otanoshimi

#1130 Obocchama no Otanoshimi

Hibari Shokudou he Irasshai! (Welcome to the Hibari Dining...

#1179 Obrigado!

Collection of various oneshots, including Katou Shinkichi’s debut work, which was originally published on November 22, 1990 in Weekly...
Occult Academy

#1136 Occult Academy

One day, the dean passes away and his occult-hating daughter, Kumashiro Maya, visits the academy. There, she meets a self-proclaimed spoon-bending "time agent" from the year 2012, Uchida Fumiaki. As the two encounter various bizarre phenomena within the academy, the reason for Fumiaki's timeslip to 1999 becomes...