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M no Yoromeki

#890 M no Yoromeki

Narumi, the most popular teacher in a high school, teaches chemistry. All girl students are attracted to him, with an aura of prince. But there is a girl whom he has a lot of trouble in dealing with. This is a collection of youthful love...
M to N no Shouzou

#3129 M to N no Shouzou

They both hope to minimize their chances of being exposed because of their weird...
M-shiki Princess

#2192 M-shiki Princess

Kanako is an unattractive and not very capable office lady, until the day her mother passes away and she turns out to be the sole heiress of the old and elite Kinaga house. So suddenly, Kanako has not only to uphold her duties as an heiress, but to turn into an attractive lady so that she can marry accordingly to her new status. Thanks to the family butler and her own efforts, she manages somehow, but even in the middle of her newfound glamor, her world still continues to revolve around her...
M.C. Law

#1525 M.C. Law

M.G. Darling

#1521 M.G. Darling

Then, caught in a pinch, she's suddenly rescued by a "Meteorite Guardian" named Knight, who is now contracted to Ouri to protect...
M.T. Pass

#1108 M.T. Pass

“You shall meet your true love today…” This was the fortune that Magic Tower’s top fortune-teller (and not to mention hottest), Aki, predicted. The girl he met that did was named Saya, part of Aki’s brother’s fortune-telling club. Saya simply cannot believe it, but Aki tells her fortune and it’s the same! Could this fortune really come true? If you do not tell one fortune right, you are forced to leave your position at...
Maa-chan no Nikkichou

#1246 Maa-chan no Nikkichou

It follows the life of a little preschooler named Maa-chan, who lives in post-war...
Maajan Kurabu

#823 Maajan Kurabu

Alternative: 麻雀倶楽部, Mahjong Club,
Author/Artist(s): SHINASAKA Kouji
Maboroshi Koi Kitan

#1277 Maboroshi Koi Kitan

From thrilling Kunoichi comedy to the distress of a poisonous French queen, master Kamata Kimiko transcends time and space and brings you stories about delicate, earnest and sturdy...