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Chronos Ruler

#214 Chronos Ruler

Author/Artist(s): Pon Jea
Otokonoko ni Toriko

#1 Otokonoko ni Toriko

Yuri is the beauty of her class. Her mature manner of dealing with men seems to get the attention from every male around her including Taniya-kun, whom she loves to tease and monopolize. But will she ever see beyond his image of the young, inexperienced...
Nishuukan Kareshi

#1 Nishuukan Kareshi

Author/Artist(s): HARADA Yui
The seven seconds we fell in love, the fifteen minutes we spent holding hands while going home, and the two weeks we spent together. They're all my lifelong memories. How will this limited time love...
Angel Time

#1 Angel Time

Four cute school romance stories, all having some sort of time theme. In the first story, a girl discovers she can freeze time. In story 2, a girl discovers she can communicate with a boy living 6 years in the past through notes written on her desk. In Story 3, a girl finds herself living the same day over and over again (like the movie Groundhog Day) and finally, a girl who has a crush on a boy 3 years her junior discovers what the world would be like if he were the one who was 3 years older...
Kipen Manga

#161 Kipen Manga

Author/Artist(s): Kipen, Erobi
A manga about funny and touching...
Haru ni

#1 Haru ni

Alternative: 春に,
Author/Artist(s): Huyou Satoyoshi
It’s Re-chan and Fuyu-chan’s last day of high...
Akuma wa Sasayaku

#1 Akuma wa Sasayaku

Author/Artist(s): NOGIRI Youko
A devil whispers sweetly into Sumida's...

#1 Iroenose.

Author/Artist(s): Seibunkaken
Note: Does not feature sexual intercourse but includes (censored) partial nudity and...
Ninja Cat Meow!

#1 Ninja Cat Meow!

Alternative: Gato Ninja ¡Miau!,
Author/Artist(s): KUROMI Moni
Those who have a cat, know how naughty they can be. But what kind of cat uses this kind of ninjutsu to irritate its owner and avoid to be sold with his siblings?! Well, none other than the black cat...