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Bokukoi Conductor

#570 Bokukoi Conductor

Nakamura Kouta is a freshman in high school who dislikes girls. One day he is visited by his childhood friend Karen, with whom he lost contact over time. Karen is a tomboyish girl, who refers to herself as "Boku" (a first person pronoun usually used by males). She asks him to help her become more feminine to win the affection of Itsuki-san, a colleague at her part time job. Even though he is reluctant at first, he more or less voluntarily agrees to help her out in the end. But making a lady out...
Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi)

#1990 Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi)

Author/Artist(s): Harold Sakuishi
Genres: Shounen
Kuro no Tantei

#953 Kuro no Tantei

Alternative: 黒の探偵,
Author/Artist(s): YEN Hioka
Kuroba Yo is a sadistic detective who enjoys nothing more than destroying his targets emotionally and psychologically through his deductive reasoning. Toiro Arata is a naive and slightly masochistic boy who gets duped by Yo into becoming his assistant, or slave. These two team up to become the "Black & White" detective, solving crimes and chasing after...
Inukai x Tribe

#269 Inukai x Tribe

In this world, there are those who look like humans but are actually beings with supernatural power. In order to respond to crimes committed by these kinds of people, an organization that employs some of their number has been established. Kurohimeyama Eve is a member of this organization, and she is also a teenage girl that has "Oni" powers. One day, she goes to meet a new member, Ichizuka Senya, who is a boy with dangerous shadow powers and a bad personality. In front of the other girls in the...
Pandora Hearts

#8106 Pandora Hearts

Oz Vessalius is about to turn fifteen, and as the heir to a prestigious family, he must undergo a coming-of-age ceremony. However, during the ceremony Oz's carefree life changes forever — he's attacked by a group of mysterious people in red cloaks, and they tell him that his very existence is a sin and for that he must be cast into the prison of the...
A Simple Thinking About Blood Type

#380 A Simple Thinking About Blood Type

Another hugely successful webtoon, it has packed all the existing stereotypes of each blood type and more into a hilarious series. Strangely enough, there are many which are so darn true it’s kind of uncanny. Much funnier when you know your own blood...
Hand Play

#1 Hand Play

Alternative: 핸드 플레이,
Author/Artist(s): Hb