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Yuri Manga

& Dropout

#692 & Dropout

Alternative: &, Dropout, And Dropout,
Author/Artist(s): Tomoe (Ii)

#316 .925

Author/Artist(s): Nishi Uko
Genres: Josei, Yuri
A glimpse into the lives of two women in a relationship where sterling silver comes into...

#838 Aido

Author/Artist(s): ONOZUKA Kahori
Ureha's boyfriend proposed to her three months ago, but she hasn't given him an answer yet. While visiting a cosmetics shop, she sees a woman, Sawori, who suddenly makes her remember a lesbian experience from high school. She's not sure that's something she wants to repeat, but will she be able to resist Sawori's...
Akuma no Riddle

#5583 Akuma no Riddle

At a boarding girls' high school where every student is assassin, they target only one life - "Ichinose Hare". Similarly, "Azuma Tokaku" is an assassin who transferred schools to target her, however she gradually became attracted to "Hare" and decided to protect her. Extreme school life...

#966 Amnesian

Probably a spin-off of Kannazuki no Miko. Himeko, a devout Christian at a church, has lost her mother, father, and older sister, Chikane, when she was younger. While cleaning the chapel, she encounters a girl, who resembles her sister in face and name, impaled by a sword. Himeko is thankful to God for giving her another opportunity to see someone like her sister again, but she is then later attacked by another girl who say she possesses the "dragon's cry" within her body. Chikane vows to...
Baku Ai

#647 Baku Ai

Alternative: 縛†愛, Bound Love,
Author/Artist(s): ANISAKI Yuna
Two girls, Sara and Youko, were once childhood friends, but they've since grown apart not only in intimation but in status. Sara shines while Youko is completely unspectacular at their Catholic high school. Suddenly, Sara wants to renew old bonds with Youko... and foster new ones. But her motives aren't as pure as simple (girl x girl)...