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#959 Nijipuri

Alternative: Niji Puri,
Author/Artist(s): Tachibana Ayun
"On the last day of school, Mihane confesses to her senpai the long-term admiration she's had for her ever since they met, as well as tells her that she will try her best to enter Niji no Oka Girls' Academy next year, the school to which her Senpai is going to attend. Now, one year later, she's managed to pass the entrance exam to the prestigious school and is taking the bus to the school. Unfortunately, she takes the wrong bus, but encounters an interesting first-year girl, like her, that is...
Okitsune-sama de Chu

#725 Okitsune-sama de Chu

That Shimeta fell in love with the school idol Ishikawa Yuuko, however that kind of love is absolutely, perfectly, and completely impossible. During this time, the messenger of the gods, Osaki, appeared to grant Moji's request with a price attached concerning Moji's cooperation in catching some runaway evil spirits. However to catch them all, Osaki uses Moji as a vessel to become a servent of Uganomitamanokami (aka Inari) called Youko. Lots of Ecchi situations and humiliation abound at Moji's...
Bakuretsu Tenshi

#1751 Bakuretsu Tenshi

Meg and Jo are struggling to make a living in Tokyo in the year 20XX. Jo a gunslinger and Meg her back up take varies Jobs to make money in a world the allows anyone to Carry a gun. It is later known that Jo has no memory of her past. However when a cybernetic mad man comes to town looking to get revenge on Jo lost memory's begin to surface. To other girls Sei and Amy are trying to catch this person and use Jo to try and bring him...

#966 Amnesian

Probably a spin-off of Kannazuki no Miko. Himeko, a devout Christian at a church, has lost her mother, father, and older sister, Chikane, when she was younger. While cleaning the chapel, she encounters a girl, who resembles her sister in face and name, impaled by a sword. Himeko is thankful to God for giving her another opportunity to see someone like her sister again, but she is then later attacked by another girl who say she possesses the "dragon's cry" within her body. Chikane vows to...
Mai No Heya

#1596 Mai No Heya

Alternative: Mai's Room, MAIの部屋,
Author/Artist(s): YUI Toshiki
18-year-old old Mai Sugimoto is a college student starting this year. She was looking forward to the “college life,” but she ends up living with two women because of a realtor’s mistake. Furthermore, they are all 18-years-old and share the exact same name, Mai Suigimoto. Hence a life story of three Mai(s) full of fun and erotic excitement begins. Can these three girls get...
Haru yo Koi

#1820 Haru yo Koi

Alternative: 春よ恋, Haruyo Koi,
Author/Artist(s): Saki Kaori
A collection of...

#2116 Octave

When she was young, Yukino Miyashita wanted, more than anything else to become an idol. After accomplishing her dream, however, the idol group she was part of failed to sell, and she returned to school, facing alienation from her peers. Now, at age 18, Yukino is living alone in Tokyo, half-heartedly trying to start a new life as a talent manager, while not quite able to put her idol days behind her. She meets Setsuko, a songwriter who also once belonged to a failed idol group. The romance...
El Cazador de la Bruja

#1933 El Cazador de la Bruja

Ellis is quiet and somewhat mysterious young girl who was marked as a murderer and has a nice bounty on her head. Upon meeting the kind-hearted bounty hunter Nadie, the life of Ellis who constantly has to be on the run, makes another drastic turn. Will we find out Ellis's past? What will our heroines face in the future? That's where this story...

#3652 Maka-Maka

Author/Artist(s): Kishi Torajirou
A modern, all-color adult manga about two girls who appear to be "friends with...
Girl Friends

#1946 Girl Friends

Mari is a shy, studious girl who has neither a boyfriend nor any friends. One day, Akiko - one of the most fashion-conscious and sociable girls in the class - strikes up a conversation with her out of the blue! As the days go by the two become inseparable, with Akiko often cheerily remarking on how they became best friends so easily. Mari has a lot of fun with Akiko and her group, slowly becoming more outgoing despite still being timid and awkward. But she knows, deep down inside, that she...