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Webtoon Manga


#1 Whenever

Alternative: Anytime, 언제라도,
Author/Artist(s): Silyeong
Baka Kawaii Onnanoko wa Kawaii to Omoimasen ka?

#1 Baka Kawaii Onnanoko wa Kawaii to Omoimasen ka?

This is about the life of Bakako, a slightly stupid but lovable girl, and ○○-kun, her bald headed roommate /...

#1 Machina

Alternative: マキーナ,
Author/Artist(s): MURAI
Genres: Drama, Webtoon
Wakaba meets a strange duo of a girl named Chao and her robot...
Little Girl

#1 Little Girl

Alternative: 어린 그녀, She is Young,
Author/Artist(s): Cave Bear, Js
Ninja Cat Meow!

#1 Ninja Cat Meow!

Alternative: Gato Ninja ¡Miau!,
Author/Artist(s): KUROMI Moni
Those who have a cat, know how naughty they can be. But what kind of cat uses this kind of ninjutsu to irritate its owner and avoid to be sold with his siblings?! Well, none other than the black cat...
Tiger Brother - Barkhan

#51 Tiger Brother - Barkhan

Author/Artist(s): Unknown
Live or Not

#98 Live or Not

Alternative: 살아말아,
Author/Artist(s): Goeun
An old couple in a loveless marriage fall down a well that makes them...

#150 RPG

Author/Artist(s): Gaechaban
After a falling out with his team, the Guild Master of the greatest guild quits the game. As the top player, he had pioneered the creation of a unique plot item that is required to open a new area of the game. After 2 years he returns to find that his items and gold have been stolen by hackers and the unique plot item he made unavailable by leaving, was never replaced, and so he is hated by everyone in the game. Our accessories-loving hero is however very relaxed, and simply goes back to his...