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Flower Petal

#448 Flower Petal

Author/Artist(s): ALIC
Somewhere, someplace... in a world where everything stands the same, the two of them lives. This is the beginning of their...
Useful Good-for-nothing

#1748 Useful Good-for-nothing

Alternative: 無用之用, 무용지용,
Author/Artist(s): Lee Soo Hyeon
His ... interesting life as a 22 yr-old female dancing student...
Ua So Lovely

#193 Ua So Lovely

Alternative: 유아so러블리,
Author/Artist(s): Enica
Suh Ua, a high school girl that has no interest in her surroundings. Han Suon, a honor student that smokes. Shin Narim, she seems like a punk, but she cares deeply for her friend Ua. A story about the love and development of these...
Thaeria - Dancing with the Devil

#269 Thaeria - Dancing with the Devil

644 years later on the other side of the world, The fate of five young people intertwine at Aeris, a safe haven for people of all races. From here they slowly start to discover the secrets of the massacre in Pandragora and what other mysteries might hide in this vast world named...
The Premise

#160 The Premise

Alternative: MGO,
Author/Artist(s): MGO
The Premise is a story about the moral contradictions and ethical dilemmas that arise when two policemen discover a criminal gang, commonly known as “The Executioners Sect”, which wants to enforce justice through a horrible...
Calling (Jay-kun)

#126 Calling (Jay-kun)

Alternative: 콜링,
Author/Artist(s): Jay-kun
A red-hair witch impulse-purchases a boy and takes the boy home only to find out that she bought more than what she bargained...
My Boyfriend

#291 My Boyfriend

Author/Artist(s): Park Mi Suk
0.0 Mhz

#823 0.0 Mhz

Author/Artist(s): Jangjak
Genres: Manhwa, Webtoon