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Tragedy Manga Page 8

Violinist of Hameln

#2314 Violinist of Hameln

How WILL the world be saved from Maou Kestra (it's a pun for orchestra, if you haven't noticed) with a hero such as...
Waga Na wa Nero

#1043 Waga Na wa Nero

With the (non-accidental) death of Claudius, the emperor of Rome, his emotionally and psychologically unstable adopted son Nero takes the throne. A historically based Roman adventure, full of political intrigue, murder, rebellion, incest, and all the things a boy...
White Garden

#260 White Garden

Zhan is a pet that has been sold to a lot of owners but in turn they have all left him and he always believes it is his fault. He met an old lady and they spent a lot of time together but then her health gets worse and she dies leaving Zhan to go back to the pet...
Without the Sun

#244 Without the Sun

The heartbreaking story of a vampire and a blind girl falling in love, both wishing to see the sun and trying to find happiness while at...

#576 Wizard

+ Loving a younger guy can be really tough, especially when you look like a child while he looks like an...
X 1999

#1415 X 1999

Note: Re-released under the...
Yasashii Watashi

#925 Yasashii Watashi

Seriu meets Yae, an older woman in the photography club, who’s also a celebrity at her university known for her free-spirited speech and mannerisms—especially her magnificent travels from man to man! What’s intriguing, though, is their relationship. Frustrated and formerly part of the tennis club, Seriu thinks that his girlfriend is just a bit of heavy baggage, but he unexpectedly gets off to a good start with her! Even though they hurt each other with their honest...