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Tragedy Manga Page 6

Toumei na Sekai

#899 Toumei na Sekai

Michiru's in love with Makoto, a boy with a weak heart who is rarely able to come to school, so when she comes back from summer break to be told that he had died over the break, she is shocked. She's in for an even bigger shock when she realizes she can see his ghost, and she's the only one who can. What's going...
Traces Of The Past

#377 Traces Of The Past

Note: This comic's title was changed from Nagori to avoid being mistaken for a manga with similar...

#1128 Tripeace

He then joined Tripeace, a small group of activists whose members use all kinds of weapons and will stop at nothing, not even violence, to bring peace to the world. But soon, the new registration number 102078 of Tripeace is faced with a dilemma: can we protect peace at all...
Tsuiteru Kanojo

#820 Tsuiteru Kanojo

Have you ever lost anything that was so precious to you, that if it were gone you wouldn't know what to do? For Otokawa Natsuru, that item is a keychain. Hearing from Kazama Miori, a fellow student with renowned psychic powers, that taking something precious can help with relationships, Natsuru takes her keychain on a date with childhood friend Yanagi Eitaro. But somewhere along the date, her precious keychain is...
Tsuki no Waltz

#821 Tsuki no Waltz

4) Petit Lesson - Sequel to Zenbu,...
Tsumaranai Otoko

#1059 Tsumaranai Otoko


#1180 Tsumitsuki

In the town that Takada Chinatsu moved to, there's a legend about demons called Tsumitsuki that possess the feelings of guilt a person has over their sins. Those who are possessed are slowly devoured, body and mind, as the demon manifests. As one of Takada's friends starts acting strangely, her classmate Kuroe steps in to help... but his true motives are hidden behind a...
Umineko No Naku Koro Ni Ep 3 :Banquet of the Golden Witch

#265 Umineko No Naku Koro Ni Ep 3 :Banquet of the Golden Witch

As the events on Rokkenjima are begin again, Eva Ushiromiya succeeds in solving the Epitaph of the Golden Witch in order to become the head of the Ushiromiya family and inherit the family's massive fortune. However, a phantom of Eva's dark side emerges and uncontrollably begins to wreck havoc on the island as Beatrice's...