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Tragedy Manga Page 4

The Bedroom Girl, The Sculpture Room Girl

#307 The Bedroom Girl, The Sculpture Room Girl

A story about a girl in her death bed finding another chance in life in the body of a doll. But is the girl in the bedroom the same as the girl in the sculpture room? Can the doll master make her dreams come...
The Great Merchant Kim Manduk

#490 The Great Merchant Kim Manduk

Author/Artist(s): Sin Ji Sang
The Great Merchant Kim Manduk portrays the story of a poor young girl who, despite the misfortunes she had to face in life, made it to become the best merchant in Joseon. We will see her undergoing many troubles and hardships, as well as finding true love when she least expects...
The Heavenly Prince

#1092 The Heavenly Prince

Ah Hui, a child medium(fortune teller) always wanted to have a normal life. Unknown to him, the heavens began to perform a ritual that will soon change his life and bring justice upon the...
The Meteor

#1217 The Meteor

Kawana Tomoko, a 15 year school girl, doesn’t care about much. Everything from her social life to school life is a blur. One summer day, while waiting at a bus stop, Tomoko finds herself waiting with her classmates, Sasajima Miyuki, Yatomi and Sannou. There are nasty rumors flying around about Tomoko and how she had relations with Yamashita, a teacher at their school. As the group boards the bus and the awkwardness reaches its max, a meteor comes out of nowhere and hits the bus sending...
The Sad Love Story

#2419 The Sad Love Story

As a child, Joon-young was always teased because his mother owned a bar that served Americans. When he meets Hae-in, a blind girl, they become childhood sweethearts and he vows to always protect her. However, Hae-in and her mom take off one night, leaving Joon-young and his promise behind. Hae-in later meets Gun-woo, the rich son of a CEO. Among these three, a tragic love triangle begins to...
The Story of a White Mouse

#374 The Story of a White Mouse

A short one-strip oneshot about a life of a certain white...
Threads of Time

#2705 Threads of Time

In the present, his school's kendo club battles to stay in the championships... but in the past, Moon Bin finds himself at the threshold of a territorial dispute on the plains of...
Tiger Books

#468 Tiger Books

This is a collection of loosely interconnected stories where the main characters are all animals, especially the tiger who is the hero of the first...
Till Dawn

#171 Till Dawn

Author/Artist(s): NAKAMURA Asumiko
A meeting between a caged bird and a...