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Sports Manga

10 Dance

#2761 10 Dance

Alternative: テンダンス, 10Dance,
Author/Artist(s): INOUE Satou
Genres: Sports, Yaoi
Their names are similar, but their personalities are totally opposite, just like their dance. When the two meet, something's bound to...
15: Meisetsu Kougyou Koukou Rugby Bu

#1877 15: Meisetsu Kougyou Koukou Rugby Bu

Ever since he was little, Akira wanted to be a rugby player. But since he lived on a tiny island with no other children, it was very difficult for him to learn how to play. In hopes of becoming useful to a rugby team, he practiced the one thing he could do by himself, kicking. Now Akira is heading to high school, and he's going to try to make his dreams of playing rugby and having friends come true!Ever since he was little, Akira wanted to be a rugby player. But since he lived on a tiny island...
18 Diary

#841 18 Diary

18 years old, the final summer in a high school life. Uchiyama Ayako from the swimming club is secretly in love with her classmate Kitamura, and yet everybody knows that Kitamura is secretly in love with his childhood friend. As Kitamura wanted to learn how to swim, he had asked Ayako to teach him. What can Ayako do to express her...

#3568 703X

Question: What is the format of competitive quiz bowls, called "golden rule" by truly able...

#2364 81diver

Kentarō's former shogi teacher taught him to (metaphorically) dive into the 81 squares of the shogi board. Thus, his nickname is "81diver". He has failed to enter the professional league of shogi competition. However, he continues to play the game for a living by gambling at amateur shogi...
Adidas Manga Fever

#1082 Adidas Manga Fever

Author/Artist(s): Anthology
Genres: Drama, Sports
Book with manga & illustrations from Japanese and international artists for the FIFA World Cup...
Ahiru No Sora

#4438 Ahiru No Sora

He’s short, weak, and has just transfered to a new school. Kurumatani Sora is the main character in this story who loves basketball. He has been shooting hoops ever since he was little and has been trying to grow tall just like his mother, who “used” to be a basketball player. What has happened to her and what Sora is going to do at the new school is all up to you to find...
Air Gear

#1821 Air Gear

Author/Artist(s): Oh! Great
Minami Ikki Itsuki, is a student and a delinquent. Also known as the Unbeatable Babyface, Ikki is the leader of the youth gang by the name of East Side Gunz. Upon his return home after being humiliated by a street gang of Storm Riders called the Skull Saders Ikki discovers a secret hidden from him by his benefactors, the Noyamano sisters. The sisters belong to a group of Storm Riders who go by the team name of Sleeping Forest. Keen on helping Ikki to regain his confidence and pride, they supply...