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Sports Manga

Sports Girl

#1 Sports Girl

Sweaty woman is beautiful! Martial arts, swimming, cycling, athletics, health, sticky... The girls of exercise and sexy...
Tsuyokute Kakkoii Joshi wa Suki Desu ka?

#1 Tsuyokute Kakkoii Joshi wa Suki Desu ka?

Follow her intensive training every day together with her trainer, with the aim of becoming a...
Itsumo Misora

#1 Itsumo Misora

While on a field trip in the 3rd grade a group of six students rescue an artifact from a burning temple. The God of the shrine grants them special powers that will come to life when they turn 13 years old. Reunited by chance in Junior High the six students are each bestowed with a single unusual power and struggle to find the proper use of the power both alone and with each other. But time is running out because they are not the only ones granted powers by the God of the...
High Speed!

#209 High Speed!

Alternative: High☆Speed!,
Author/Artist(s): OOJI Kouji, Teshirogi Shiori
This is the novel that the anime Free! is based on in manga form at last! (September...
Gothic Sports

#285 Gothic Sports

Anya, the new girl at Lucrece High, just isn't fitting in. Her dream is to join one of the school's elite sports teams, but when she tries out, she's instantly rejected! Anya doesn't get mad, though--she gets even. When she meets other "misfits" who've been similarly written off, they form their own soccer team, complete with cool, edgy uniforms. They may not be the most experienced, but they've got something no other team has: style. Say hello to the world's first gothic-lolita soccer...
G (Yamada Hitotsuki)

#189 G (Yamada Hitotsuki)

Author/Artist(s): Yamada Hitotsuki
Genres: Shounen, Sports
Several years later, Mao gets an invite from Tsuji to apply for FRS, a training camp / school for young racers where only the most talented racers are even accepted. There, Mao starts his journey of being nothing less than number 1 and becoming the first Japanese F1...