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Sports Manga Page 8


#485 Hakkeyoi

Alternative: はっけよい,
Author/Artist(s): Nami Taro, MAEKAWA Takeshi
Genres: Shounen, Sports
Chinmi, an orphan who lost his parents in a tidal wave, is a promising sumo wrestler. Even though he did very well in the junior championships, none of the sumo scouts were interested in signing him because of his body, which is unsuitable for sumo wrestling, and also because of his weird sumo style. But luck comes his way when a small sumo school owner shows an interest in him and decides to take Chinmi into his school. There Chinmi begins his training to become a...
Ice Forest

#1115 Ice Forest


#3540 I'll

Akane Tachibana is a freshman high school student who, despite his talent for basketball, decides to abandon sports clubs due to the pressure put on him by them. Once he arrives at Kouzu High, however, he meets the only other basketball player who has ever caught his eye on the courts and decides to join the team. The first match of the season is an exhibition game against the league's strongest team, Hyamazaki—the team that Hiiragi's father coaches and in which his older brother plays...

#257 Jigoro!

Published in an anthology of 4 stories about Jigorou and 2 other stories completely unrelated to Jigorou or Yawara. One of them is...

#1879 K.O.SEN

Alternative: K.O Sen, K.O. Sen, Kosen,
Author/Artist(s): Murase Katsutoshi
This manga deals with the history of a teenager, Tobi Shima Sen, who lost his father and lives with his mother. He is a scrapper but his mother has no authority over him. In order to educate him, she decides to send him to a kickboxing coach during the...
P2 - Lets Play Ping Pong

#3019 P2 - Lets Play Ping Pong


#806 Sasameke

Alternative: ササメケ, 好想踢波,
Author/Artist(s): Gotsubo Ryuji
Rakuichi was a better soccer player than anyone when he was in elementary school. But after 3 unsuccessful years in Italy, he returns home in defeat. Upon arrival he's confronted by a host of different characters; his cousin Biwako, who is now a teacher despite her uncontrollable personality; his childhood friend Inae who is cute and nice, but who turns into a crazed stalker when it comes to cool, attractive guys; Touzan who is cool, mysterious and seems to be good at everything; and Maiko, who...
Bachi Bachi

#2302 Bachi Bachi

A new story of a love-triangle and four oneshots, including an extra sixteen pages; all found in this comic filled with the honest love and desires of...

#480 Get!

Alternative: ゲット,
Author/Artist(s): Azuma Mayumi
Kanojo no Carrera

#2804 Kanojo no Carrera

Author/Artist(s): Asamiya Kia
The main character's father passes away. On the will states that each of the three siblings receives a portion of the father's wealth. The main character receives a Porsche Carrera. She doesn't know what a Porsche Carrera looks like, didn't know the car company Porsche, can't drive a manual and had absolutely no interest in cars, at the time. You can follow along and find out what some car enthusiast...