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Taiyou ga Yonde Iru!

#605 Taiyou ga Yonde Iru!

(Koshien: location of Koshien Stadium, where the Japan National High School Baseball Tournament is...
Taiyou wa Kimi ni Kagayaku

#449 Taiyou wa Kimi ni Kagayaku

That was the sudden thought Chinatsu had during the summer of her third year in middle school. Chinatsu never really thought about her goals and dreams in life, but after seeing a match in the Japan National High School Baseball Tournament (or Koushien), she suddenly had a goal to achieve! She worked extra hard, and finally got into the school, but on the first day, she meets a fierce looking senpai who is actually the baseball team's ace player! Once again, Chinatsu did her best and managed to...
Take Over Zone

#653 Take Over Zone

Welcome to the lives and tangled loves of the Track and Field team! Stern coach Wada, dedicated and enthusiastic runner Ogasawara, kind and gentle captain Takashima, playful, teasing 2nd year Yamauchi, stoic and bad-tempered Konno and talented former runner Hashimoto Mizuki who must overcome the past if he wants to run...
Te o Tsunai de Koi o

#1854 Te o Tsunai de Koi o

Aggravated by it, neither of them can concentrate on archery practice, and so the cheerful club president Tatsumi-senpai tells them to become friends by holding hands on their way from school every...

#304 Touch

Touch is a shounen story about two twin brothers, a pretty girl next door, and that good old pastime of baseball. The manga was written by one of the most well known manga-ka out there, Adachi Mitsuru in the early 80's (1981-1986). He's a wonderful writer who tends to write stories that are related to baseball and Koshien, the stadium where the All High School Baseball Tournament is...
Toumeiningen no Shissou

#490 Toumeiningen no Shissou

Story 1, Forest of the Ice Needles: a middle school student just wants a normal life, but his cultish mother is determined to raise him as she sees fit. Throw in a mysterious boy and some soccer, and you have this enigmatic...
Turititi Nagisa

#1320 Turititi Nagisa

Shinta loves nothing more than girls, their school uniform, and their breasts. On the other hand, Shirasu was desperately looking for more members for the Fishing Club. Shinta, as the new transfer student, becomes the target of Shirasu for the Fishing Club. She persistently requests that he join the Fishing Club, but he strongly refuses because he has no interest in fishing. However, his joining of the Fishing Club becomes inevitable when he is saved from bullies by the well known...