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Slice of life Manga Page 8

The Day the Magpie Cries

#482 The Day the Magpie Cries

Alternative: 까치우는 날,
Author/Artist(s): Nubi
Lee Dan Ah, a girl who is very proud of her Korean heritage, is on a crusade to preserve her culture! She starts by wearing her hanbok to her freshman...
The Dog and Rabbit's Owner

#1167 The Dog and Rabbit's Owner

Alternative: 개와 토끼의 주인,
Author/Artist(s): LEE Won-Jin
The Friendly Winter

#1129 The Friendly Winter

Alternative: 다정한 겨울,
Author/Artist(s): LEE Jun
A girl with a rare growth disorder that leaves her in the body of a child at the age of 19 meets a boy with a mental disorder who has the mind of a small boy in a 17 year old form. A Friendly Winter shares with us the endearing story of their day-to-day lives, joys and...