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Slice of life Manga Page 4

Shuko's Snack

#684 Shuko's Snack

Alternative: 修子的点心,
Author/Artist(s): YOMOTO Shimako
Kenji Yashima has been receiving hand-made snacks from his neighbour, Shuko Kojima, who moved in when he was seven. Shuko was good at everything, and what he doesn't understand is why she would bother with a guy like...
Shuukatsu!! - Kimi ni Naitei

#1475 Shuukatsu!! - Kimi ni Naitei

Life isn’t sweet... Asaoka Yuuri, a senior in university, has failed for the 49th time in job hunting. During an exam at the 50th company, which should be a commemoration for her, she came to know Manabe Ryouji, a famous guy at her university. The first impression was horrible. But what will happen to Yuuri, who started to be attracted to Manabe, who looks cool and can do everything to the point that it’s...
Slow Starter (ICHIKAWA Kei)

#805 Slow Starter (ICHIKAWA Kei)

It's a story about two boys, Kiyo and Ino, who go to different schools but take the same train every morning. As time passes by they become aware of each other but never engage in conversation until one day when Kiyo oversleeps in the train and is awoken by Ino. From that point on they begin talking to each other and eventually become good...

#702 Solanin

Alternative: ソラニン,
Author/Artist(s): Asano Inio
Slice of life with a young couple, Inoue Meiko and Taneda Shigeo, and how everyday occurrences affect their lives. Meiko begins contemplating whether freedom without purpose is really the same thing as boredom. This is a retelling of a very common real life situation, perhaps enjoyable for an older fanbase. Art is different, there are no anime-esque deformations here. Nominated in 2009 for the Eisner Award Best U.S. Edition of International Material - Japan. Nominated for the 2009 Harvey Award...
Song of the Cloud

#877 Song of the Cloud

Alternative: 구름의 노래,
Author/Artist(s): Ho Rang
Hyuk's a very good guitar player, but is forced to be in an idol band, rather than what he really wants to be. The 5 come together to make a band of their...
Sono Mama de

#1927 Sono Mama de

Tsuji is trying to come to terms with his new, more intimate relationship with Aizawa. Tsuji and Aizawa have been friends since high school, and Tsuji is wondering if being lovers will jeopardize their friendship. And if it's even worth taking a chance. A great bedroom line - "Bring it on." and a hilarious extra where Tsuji worries about Aizawa's...
Sono Te kara Tsutawaru

#491 Sono Te kara Tsutawaru

Alternative: I Can Tell by Your Hand,
Author/Artist(s): Kyuugou
A short sweet...