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Shounen Manga Page 4

Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo

#916 Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo

Aida Shizuka is three days from being executed for cruelly murdering his family when a shinigami comes to visit him. Its his little sister Hibiki, who has come to make sure his soul goes to hell! Hibiki has another job on this trip as well, granting the final wish of a girl with heart disease, and she drags her condemned brother along with her. Soon, it becomes apparent that people are not as simple as they may seem, and even Shizukas guilt is uncertain. Hibiki and Shizuka promise to search...
Shinkuuu Yuusestsu

#1849 Shinkuuu Yuusestsu

In this country, every person has to be matched up with a partner. Partnerships are made around when you turn three or four. The doctors decide who gets paired together. One person acts as the 'supplier.' The other as the 'receiver.' It is impossible for a 'receiver' to continue to live without periodically being given power from the 'supplier.' And in the same way, it is imperative for a 'supplier' that a 'receiver' accept some of the power generated within their body. This 'power' can't be...
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san

#1403 Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san

Author/Artist(s): HIRAKATA Masahiro
Genres: Shounen
Meet the tiny police station of rejects, consisting of Kanjuurou the snide chief, Haruki the common pervert patrol officer, and Kiruko, the rookie policewoman… who also just happens to be an insanely strong former military...
Shinobi no Kuni

#1946 Shinobi no Kuni

Alternative: 忍びの国,
Author/Artist(s): WADA Ryou, BANNO Mutsumi
Based on a novel by Wada...
Shinsengumi Imon PEACE MAKER

#1652 Shinsengumi Imon PEACE MAKER

Tetsunosuke and Tatsunosuke are the sons of a diplomat who sought to bring peace and prosperity to Japan during the early Meiji Restoration. But when their parents are murdered before their very eyes, Tetsu seeks to join the Shinsengumi, the unofficial police who are capable of the same brutality as his parents' murderers. Wading through a sea of espionage, deception and bloodshed, the young boy must choose: should he take a step on the path to becoming a demon...or give up his rage and...
Shinyaku Ookami ga Kuru!

#1030 Shinyaku Ookami ga Kuru!

In order to investigate the strange phenomenon occuring in Northern Bavaria (Franken), Germany, the church (Kirche) have dispatched the slayer Sirius. He rescues a young woman, Beate, who was being attacked by zombies. However, as the two attempt to leave, they’re attacked by more...
Shiritsu Horitsuba Gakuen

#844 Shiritsu Horitsuba Gakuen

Author/Artist(s): Clamp
Omake chapters with a setting in the Horitsuba Gakuen universe: a drama cd series. Crossover between Tsubasa Chronicles and xxxHolic characters, living in an institute similar as CLAMP...
Shirogane no Karasu

#1192 Shirogane no Karasu

John Elegadine, a curry lover and a professional thief, encounters Lu Larue, a thief lock picker, as he was taking a stroll through a bazaar. With the two together, they are to find the legendary demon stone that is scattered into thirteen pieces around the world. Once the pieces are put back together, the demon stone is willing to grant a wish upon the user's...
Shirokuro Kitan

#2239 Shirokuro Kitan

Ririko lost her parents and siblings in a mysterious incident where details remain in the shadows. Before Ririko moves to her new home in Kaminoshiro, a detective gives her a letter that her father wrote before his death, which contained a card with a black and white checkered pattern on it. At her new school, Ririko becomes friends with Maya and has some interest in a male student named Shirou. She questions about the black clock tower that stands in the center of the town, but no one bothers...