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Shounen ai Manga Page 4

Umi no Mieru Yane

#254 Umi no Mieru Yane

Author/Artist(s): KANO Ayumi
Kei is on a quest to find his missing grandfather. He traces him to his last known address, an isolated island, where he enrolls in the local university. In class, he chances to meet Michiru, another boy from his hometown. Though extremely antisocial, Michiru says he's going to help Kei find his grandfather! After this unexpected kindness, Kei finds himself being drawn to...
Unique Legend

#1744 Unique Legend

But also due to this, it is the start of his new...
Unmei ni Kiss

#1371 Unmei ni Kiss

It seems fate was playing a trick, though, because when the two children meet each other, neither is a girl. Since both of the two children turned out to be boys, nothing will happen, right? Though the mothers might have dropped the idea of marriage, destiny might have other plans: the lives of the two boys may be bound by a red...
Utsukushii Otoko

#1294 Utsukushii Otoko

Bringing him home may be easy, but regaining his...

#316 Varnish

Alternative: バーニッシュ,
Author/Artist(s): MAMAHARA Ellie, RIO
Our shop is located within a quiet neighbourhood, hidden within Genuine NEW'S full-body makeover salon. Because you can find relief from daily stress here, we always have a crowd of regular customers. If we are able to help you find the strength within health and beauty, it will be our pleasure. We have the newest equipment and a team of unique individuals, our whole team anxiously awaits your...
Warawanai Ningyo

#422 Warawanai Ningyo

A collection of short stories. The title story is about Youzuke; one summer when he was growing up, he stayed at his uncle's house. His uncle had a pool, and at night Youzuke would see a mermaid swimming there, visiting his uncle. Years and years have passed, and Youzuke's uncle has disappeared. Surprisingly enough, his will leaves the house to a stranger, Ayumi Kenjou. But when Youzuke meets Ayumi, it seems like he'd already met him that summer so very long...
Watashi no Taisetsu na Tomodachi

#440 Watashi no Taisetsu na Tomodachi

Ebi sacrificed everything to get into art school, studied hard for a whole year, drew like crazy to ready herself--only to fail the entrance exam because her mind went blank. Worse, while heading home with an armful of doujinshi, she meets her friend Tachibana. Exposed as an otaku, Ebi is humiliated when Tachibana denies knowing her. Ebi resigns herself to attending a vocational school. And one of her classmates is a weird girl named Tachibana, who lost her memory in a strange...
Wild Adapter

#1394 Wild Adapter

Makoto Kubota wandered through life, not taking things too seriously or looking too deep within himself. His job as the head of the Izumo Group's youth gang kept him pleasantly occupied with yakuza wars, mahjong and assassinations... Until the day he stumbled upon a strange drug called Wild Adapter that produces bizarre side-effects--including death. Forever changed, Kubota becomes entangled with a drifter named Minoru Tokito, and the two form an unlikely companionship that draws them deeper...
Wolf's Rain dj - Méchant Loup

#559 Wolf's Rain dj - Méchant Loup

Author/Artist(s): Cockatrice
Collection of short (2-4 pages) gag manga with some very faint...

#253 Yarouze

Author/Artist(s): Ishihara Satoru
The story focuses on Kusanagi Sou -- a motorcyle racing enthusiast. Although enthusiast may be too soft a word. The boy is obsessed. One day Fuwa stumbles across him sleeping outside the school with bike magazines piled around. He strikes up a friendship in order to stay close to Kusanagi, and pretends that he knows all about...