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The Night of the School Trip

#752 The Night of the School Trip

Students go to a hot springs for a school trip and one thing leads to another and two friends end up alone, did i mention one of them is a TRAP, love comedy and...
The Shadow of Moon

#599 The Shadow of Moon

Yang Sohwa could see ghosts ever since she was little. For the past few years her visions have stopped, but now they are reappearing and she’s about to find out the tragedy that occurred hundreds of years ago on her school...
They, Too, Love

#2009 They, Too, Love

Jung Euimoon and Eun Myroyung are both members of the second Biology Club, which has been downgraded to the oldest facilities in the school to make room for the new Biology Club. Jung Euimoon uses Bunsen burners to cook his breakfast and routinely camps out at the Biology Club room to get away from his numerous siblings. Eun is a loner and reads tarot cards--which always foretell unhappy auguries--to amuse herself. They each think the other is strange. These two seem to be opposites, but they...
Tsuki no Sabaku

#890 Tsuki no Sabaku

Armageddon. The powerful weapon "Messiah" has ended the long war, leaving behind a barren wasteland. A boy wanders to the west, seeking the paradise that lies at the edge of the world. The man who created the weapon runs from those who would use him. Scattered by the winds of destruction, they meet and meet...
Tsuki to Mizu no Yoru

#541 Tsuki to Mizu no Yoru

Meet the volatile Nakichi and peaceful Seita, the two water sprites that live in a river in the remote countryside. A chance encounter with the human child Yoshiharu reawakens the half -forgotten ties between water sprites and humans, and an amazing friendship is forged. Yet can this relationship survive the test when humans once again threaten the lives of these mythical...

#421 Tsukimono!

When elementary schooler Watanabe is cleaning out his late mother's belongings, he finds a skirt that talks and moves on its own. The skirt, which the mother never wore, wants him to wear it, soon followed by other articles of clothing that can also...
Tsukumo Tantei Jimusho e Youkoso

#669 Tsukumo Tantei Jimusho e Youkoso

His superiors, Jinnai Hajime and Kiuchi Kan, are very cool, but considerably eccentric individuals. Though he finds the days of Jinnai calling him the "destined child" troubling, what concerns Miki more is Jinnai and Kiuchi's overly intimate...

#146 Tsumikabatsu

Alternative: 罪花罰,
Author/Artist(s): MIKAMI Honemaru
"I am Kikyou! I'm working part-time in this cute little flower shop called "Tsumikabatsu". My boss, Baramon-san, is extremely popular with girls and he's a master at flower arrangements! He's a well-respected person. But, WHY does he have to stand so close to me... Aah, Boss, wait! Stop that!" I'm trying to introduce the story here, DON'T TAKE OFF MY PANTS!!!........So, so it's like that, please read this "the beautiful boy working hard in the flower shop,...
Uchi ni Oideyo

#891 Uchi ni Oideyo

6) My work is a...