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Shoujo Manga

"Aishiteru", Uso Dakedo.

#4604 "Aishiteru", Uso Dakedo.

This is the story about the encounter between a charismatic handsome boy and a serious...

#2150 "Gokko"

Author/Artist(s): Sakurakouji Kanoko
One day, a boy called Ikei comes to Fuyuko's place and claims to be her brother. She doesn't believe him, however she allows him to stay at her house. As a wannabe future actress she then starts playing "Gokko" with him to improve her acting skills. Where will it lead...
+a no Tachiichi

#1783 +a no Tachiichi

Except so did her classmate, Haruka Toudou, who fits the exact model of a Shoujo Protagonist. Naturally, Satoki is overlooked for Haruka… except it’s not Haruka who has the powers of the Holy Maiden they wished for. What will Satoki...
...no Onna

#1458 ...no Onna

Author/Artist(s): FUJIMURA Mari
All the guys Hinako has dated have ended up in accidents, their lives being almost completely ruined while being with her. Hinako believes that her so-called "negative aura" isn't just...

#737 ...Seishunchuu!

Kiriko has always been overshadowed by her older sister Eiko. Eiko is cute, smart, and extremely popular, unlike Kiriko. This manga is about Kiriko leaving her sister's shadow. Although this sounds like a typical manga, the manga-ka enjoys switching to different manga styles to show extreme expressions and actions of the characters. Seishunchuu is a very cute and funny...
0 kara Hajimeru Manga Kyoushitsu

#2140 0 kara Hajimeru Manga Kyoushitsu

Author/Artist(s): KURUMATANI Haruko
*Seba: Sebastian, but it is a common term to call a butler that, however, in this case, it might also be his...