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Shoujo Manga Page 67

Onegai Sensei

#1045 Onegai Sensei

Matsuri, who has been single her whole life, is on her way home from school, when she falls down with her bicycle. She's 'helped' by a mysterious boy, who's at that place everyday... He says he's there everyday because he loves that place, but... is it really the only...
S. Secret ICA

#1240 S. Secret ICA

This is basically about a group called ICA who one day show up at school and took Akane away telling her to provide information about her brother Akihei but she refuses to. After a while she changed her mind and agree to help them because she only wants Akihei to...
Samurai Baby

#489 Samurai Baby

One day, Mito helps Seshiru evade the advances of the arrogant Ran, a rich boy and model who mistakes Mito's interference for jealousy (because of course every woman wants Ran for herself! Yeah, right). This lands Mito in hot water with Ran's fangirls, who later gang up to kick her ass! A new transfer student with wild hair is the one who saves her, but he won't tell Mito his...
Good Morning Call

#1102 Good Morning Call

Harumi has been tricked by good looking guys before, but what if Kazuya is...
Angel Shop

#384 Angel Shop

In a high-tech world, Boris finds out that his cute classmate Yuri Angel has created a robot that looks JUST like him! Annoyed by the robot's resemblance, and by its creator's lack of emotion, Boris hides the automaton in his room and sneaks into the Angel residence… pretending to be the robot itself. But once he succeeds at the bizarre ploy, how does he get out of...
Aniki wa Tsunayoshi

#571 Aniki wa Tsunayoshi

Alternative: 兄キは綱吉!,
Author/Artist(s): HAYASHIDA Chihiro
A powerful and dangerous brother x sister love battle...

#537 Complex

Author/Artist(s): KIKUCHI Kumiko
After one night of reunion, Rin's mother leaves to follow some guy to an unknown foreign country without any notice other than a letter. Without any money to survive on, and the contract between Myu and the model company, what is Rin to...
Count Cain - GodChild

#177 Count Cain - GodChild