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Shoujo ai Manga Page 3


#439 Water.

Painful Love and Heartless Bitch are featured in Secret Comic...

#391 Wish

One night, a man named Shuichiro Kudo comes across a tiny angel trapped on a tree branch. He frees her, and in return she offers to grant him a wish. However, Shuichiro is a successful doctor, with a home and everything needed; he declines the angel's offer. The persistant angel, named Kohaku, refuses to give up, stating that 'some wishes cannot be fufilled by oneself'. After settling in at Shuichiro's home, Kohaku reveals her mission to track down the Angel Master of Wind, Hisui, who has...

#1416 Yamanko

Though it was a bit strange, three people ended up meeting. One, who looks younger than her age and able to see the supernatural. Another who is possessed by a "Yamanko" which refers to "Yama no ko", or a mountain child. She was possessed due to her bloodline and due to the possession, she has superhuman abilities which she can call upon. Finally, an awkward person who enjoys writing poems. Coincidentally, the three are also...
Yasashii Ryuu no Koroshikata

#4540 Yasashii Ryuu no Koroshikata

Fast-forward to present time. An apocalypse is coming again due to the imbalance of Yin and Yang. A determined phantom King comes to the human world to fulfill his ancestor’s promise. He meets a beautiful Holy Knight by a random twist of fate, and so begins the...
Youkai Gakuenki

#567 Youkai Gakuenki

Really cute and...
Candy Boy

#393 Candy Boy

Author/Artist(s): Touge Hiro
Akira to Hiyori

#888 Akira to Hiyori

Akira Azuma is a tall, attractive, but aloof Kusunoki High School freshman girl and all-around athlete. Hiyori Motohashi is a short Kusunoki freshman girl in the school's broadcasting club. While trying to set up coverage on Akira, Hiyori finds herself attracted to Akira's mysterious...
Carbonard Crown

#869 Carbonard Crown

Author/Artist(s): Shinonome Mizuo

#386 Hanakisou

Author/Artist(s): KOUDA Maki